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I got saved in August 2005, in Dawson State jail after 10 years of drug addiction. After I got out in October, 2006. I stayed clean and into the Word but I never found a church family. I stayed home with my disabled father while my mother worked. He died the following January, 13 days before my birthday. My world started slowly falling apart again. I got back with my husband, our house burned down and I started using again. By December 2008, I was locked up on another drug charge. I rededicated my life to God and I got out in December 2010, with high hopes of changing my life and walking with the Lord. But again my life fell apart and I started using again about July 2010. And got arrested again on another drug charge. I know this sounds awful but I know God has a plan for me.  I have rededicated my life at Sun Saba. I don’t know who to describe it, but I have a sense of peace about going into the world this time. I know God has healed me of my addictions through his son, Jesus Christ. I have plans to go back to school, find a good church family, and focus on helping others with addictions especially those who have been to prison. I want to help stop people repeatedly returning to prison. I know with your help and the help of the other Bible Studies I do. I have a better understanding of Jesus Christ and God’s promises to us. I would like to thank you and God for providing me with the knowledge and wisdom I need to succeed this time with your correspondence courses.  Thank you for listening to my story and please pray for me as I will pray for your ministry of Prison Mission Association always. – Becky F.

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