God is working like never before here at Prison Mission Association (PMA).

At PMA, we want to find ways we can be a blessing and encouragement to you this year.   We are praying for this new year to bring some fresh growth and eternal fruit as those in your community hear the Gospel of the Grace of God and trust Christ as their Lord and savior!

PMA would love to help your local church in its outreach to those in prison or jail nearby.  Here are four ways we can be a resource for your church:

  1. Provide Free Life Changing Bible Correspondence courses

These studies can be used with any group, not only inmates. download them for free at . When a student completes all 35 self-paced lessons, they may earn six credits when enrolling at Berean Bible Institute, Slinger, Wisc.

  1. Help you start a Prison ministry outreach

We can help you setup a ministry that will energize your congregation and reach the lost in your community! We are happy to help visit your local prison with you. If you have folks that want to do prison ministry outreach, we can give you the tools. You may have some who want to correct lessons and / or visit prisons, we can help with that too.  As we establish graduates of our program, it is our goal to plant churches behind bars, helping inmates reach inmates for Christ. They can be distributing and correcting lessons in each of their facilities. These churches would be like house churches and develop leadership and ministry skills to build the Body of Christ.

  1. Provide Pulpit supply

We would be happy to preach if you needed a break or out of town.  Its exciting to share what God is doing in the prisons and how people can pray for inmates and their families. Often you will have people in your congregation who have families incarcerated. We can help with our program which also offers courses for the children of the incarcerated.

  1. Mission Presentations for missions conferences. We can teach any age: children, youth or adults

At your missions conference, we can come with a display table and share what God is doing to reach people behind bars here and overseas. We can give a short report via Skype! I have children’s talks as well as youth and adults. I was an overseas missionary for 20 years so also can share missionary experiences from that as well if needed.

Please pray about this and speak with your church leadership. You can contact me via email or cell phone 612-423-3457.

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