• prayFrom Prison to Praise! (Greg)
    Greg (not his real name) was a young man with two children who was a skilled concrete worker and carpenter. However, he had become addicted to heroin, and soon his life began to spiral out of control. Eventually he could not hold down a job and at the same time could not support his ever more controlling addiction. In order to keep himself supplied with his daily need for the drug he began selling it to friends and acquaintances, which put on the radar of local law enforcement. Before long he found himself in the county jail facing multiple charges of possession and dealing a controlled substance. Not knowing where to turn he began attending chapel services and Bible studies offered in the jail. During those meetings he began to see that heroin was just a substitute for what his heart truly longed for, to know he was loved and important. Greg discovered as well how much God loved him and that he was important enough that His Son, Jesus Christ died to pay for his sin. During a weekly Bible study sponsored by Prison Mission Association he began doing the PMA / Bible Correspondence Fellowship lessons as fast as he possibly could. Through the lessons his relationship with the Lord became ever stronger and he learned to appreciate more and more what God’s grace really meant. He also found that the dispensational teaching in the lessons helped to explain some of the contradictory things that were presented by the various groups that came into the jail; some saying he needed to be baptized to be saved, others that he should be speaking in tongues and still others claiming he could lose his salvation. By an act of grace he was released from the jail after about two years without ever having to go to a state prison. During that time he faithfully attended the PMA Bible studies and became a close friend of then PMA director Don Sommer. After release he became involved in a solid church in his community and became a leader of a ministry in the church that helped people with addictions similar to his own. Things have not been easy for Greg since his release. Prior to his incarceration he had developed a staph infection in his hips which left him in extreme pain. After his release the infection returned and required that he have a double hip replacement, while still in his 30’s. It took many months before he recovered and it significantly impacted his ability to do the physical labor he had been used to. He and his wife also had an infant daughter born with a congenital heart defect who died at less than a month old. Despite all these problems Greg continues to faithfully serve the Lord and rejoice at the opportunity he was given for a new life, one full of meaning and purpose living in the will of God.
  • Joan DevinePMA Volunteer Spotlight: Joan
    We are so thankful for our many volunteers. Listen as Joan shares about how she got started and her role on the PMA team for over 5 years now!  Thanks Joan for your faith hard work!!  
  • testimonial thankyou imageI give thanks to God for changing my life! ( Gabriel)
    “Before I knew Christ as my Lord and Savior, I was a sad person, and nothing was important to me.  Today, knowing Christ as my Savior through these Prison Mission Bible Studies, I realize how bad I really was.  In these lessons I have learned what it means to be saved. I have such a peace and joy knowing that God is with me every day, even in the moments that are most difficult.  I give thanks to God for changing my life and for taking care of me and my family that are now so far from me, but I know that my Lord and Savior is protecting them. Also I feel so fortunate that God is teaching me every day and I ask him daily for His help. I thank God and all of you for leading me in the teaching of the message of Salvation, thank you and may God richly bless you today and  always.”   - Gabriel A. ( he doing our Spanish lessons)  
  • testimonial imageI was released from prison on May 21,2014 and still walking with God!
    Please continue to pray for me. I was released from prison on May 21, 2014 and I am still continuing my walk with God and will never stop. Please continue to send me your Bible studies because I enjoy doing them and they are helpful to me. - Terry
  • testimonials-lower resI’m really learning through your course and staying committed to Christ!
    Thanks for all your help you provide  and I'm really learning through your course and staying committed to Christ! Pray for me to grow in His love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus, and for His will be done in my life and not my own.- Albert
  • Having these studies to keep me focused has been a wonderful, inspiration that helps to keep me on the right path.
    For the majority of my life I thought I had already made a decision to follow Jesus. As I matured I realized that the decision had to be much deeper. As time progressed I found myself making that decision many times each in a more deeper level. Finally I came to an understanding that as a sinner I'm going to fail in certain areas. Some more than once. However, my decision to follow Jesus remains. God continues to work in my life. He has healed much of my sinful nature. Having these studies to keep me focused has been a wonderful, inspiration that helps to keep me on the right path. Knowing that people out in the "free" world care enough about me to provide these lessons totally without cost is a great blessing. I thank each and everyone greatly. - Jon K.
  • bethesda crossBrother Joseph


    "I am really pleased with your outlines and arrangements. Every lesson and every word enlightned my spirit. I ate this lesson like I've been without food for a long time. I am hungry for God's truth. I am thirsty for this filling. I desire to know all you can teach me through your lessons. Your lessons accomplish what it set out to do. I am always in your debt and desire all you know of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit."
  • prison fence bible and prisonerJarold


    "I thank you so much for these wonderful lessons on understanding the bible because it really has opened my eyes on a lot of subjects and I am looking forward to learning so much more and continue to walk with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."
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