(We will be sharing a weekly testimony every Sunday from our students as they write in to us and tell of their lives that have been transformed).

“I grew up in a catholic home in Philadelphia.  I did not know God as my Lord or personal Savior.  They taught me that I had to “do good works” in order to receive the grace of God.  During my growing up years, my parents continually beat my brother and myself, almost daily because whatever we did was not perfect.  I soon fell into rebellion and began taking drugs, and drinking.  At 17 years of age, in 1982, I fell into prison and have been sentenced to life imprisonment.  I am sorry for what I did, truly.  While here in prison, a cell mate asked me if I would like to do a Bible Correspondence course.  Why not, I told him.

One of your courses in particular, was of Works vs. Grace.  When I finished it, I understood for the first time the Grace of God.  The Holy Spirit opened my eyes and I opened my heart to Him, deciding to follow Jesus.  I understand the love of God.  I study the Word every day, walk within His commandments and pray daily.  I would like to study the Bible more, possibly taking college courses.  I want to learn more in order to teach others about Grace and the peace found in our Lord.”   

Edward- (He took our Spanish Prison Mission Bible courses). www.prisonmission.org

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