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All my life I’ve been around alcohol and drugs.  I started doing drugs around 12 years old, anything I could get my hands on.  I did PCP, heroin, coke, and then meth in my 20’s. I learned to make it.  Once that came my life was gone: make meth, sell meth, do meth.  For the next 15 years, this was my life until one day my wife and 4 kids left me when I was in prison.  My heart was broken.  I get out and started going to AA meetings and staying clean.  Then one day my 4 kids were dropped in my lap.  My ex-wife left me the kids and went to California with her new boyfriend.   So now I had to raise my kids with the help of Grandma.  All was well until I relapsed.    My kids were gone.  I was in county jail.  My life was over, I thought.  Until this man came in and told me about a man named Christ – Jesus Christ.  I gave my life to the Lord that day. I felt the Holy Spirit come over me.  Well, I get out of jail and started going to church.  I got baptized with my kids.  Life was great until a woman came into my life.  It was nice at first.  But then, the drugs started all over again.  Next thing, I was in jail again.  This time my kids were grown, all but one.   He was 14 years old.  I was looking at 20 years in prison.  To make a long story short, I got 87 months in prison at 48 years old at that time from the judge.  I gave my life to Christ that day, never to look back.    Today, at 51 years old, I have been studying the Lord’s Word.  Doing every study I can do.  All I want is to serve the Lord.  Today, I go to church, share his Word with whoever will hear it.  My kids are with me all the way.  Now, I have grandkids.  I want to share the Word and work in a church if the Lord sees fit.  I found peace, happier, humble days clean.  Walking with Him, doing this study keeps me focused on Him, his Word and how to do his service.  Prison Mission Association has given me the opportunity to learn the true Word of the Lord. Each study brings me closer to the Lord.  I could never pay for college to learn the Word.  But with Prison Mission Association I learn His Word FREELY.  It’s the study I do and the blessing I get out of them to know the Lord.  He guides me on my way daily.  Thank you so much.  I’ll keep doing these studies as long as I am allowed to.  To serve Christ is my life today.  Thanks to God’s word that I learned through your studies.  Thank you so much.  God bless. – George V.

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