(We will be sharing a weekly testimony every Sunday from our students as they write in to us and tell of their lives that have been transformed).

“My life was up & down and upside down, most of the time. I would work hard to build a home and then throw it all away for crack cocaine. My existence was miserable and worthless. My family was disgusted with me. So finally after I had lost everything. Family, wife, kids, home, freedom, and thought that I was all alone. I called on God and answered me. I am a work in progress and have so many faults to work on. He has helped me and carried me through the hardest parts so far. He has given me a new strength to carry on.

I now sometimes hear from my family and I have told them all about my change and accomplishments. I don’t hear from them much but I know the Lord has restored my family and I’ll know He has changed my simple existence to life and love even though I am in prison. I am happy and free. I do not want my old life back as I once did. I love my life with the Lord in control. Thank you for your help with Prison Mission Bible Studies!” David L.

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