(We will be sharing a weekly testimony every Sunday from our students as they write in to us and tell of their lives that have been transformed).

“My life was out of control. I was using drugs every day. Whenever I got the chance to drink or put a needle in my arm I did. I believed that I wasn’t doing anything wrong as long as I didn’t hurt or harm anyone.

But I was so blind in my sin that I didn’t want to see that I was hurting the temple of God. We truly believe as humans, in the flesh, that we can do anything. But as I’m learning, that teaching is totally wrong. For we need Jesus Christ in our daily lives because without him we are nothing.

I know the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is very near and I want to be ready to go home. I re-dedicated my life to my Savior, Jesus Christ, on Dec, 22, 2013, I committed my life over to the Savior of this world now and forever. Amen.

This Prison Mission Bible study has and is helping me grow in the word of God. It has given me the comfort and wisdom that I need in my walk to get stronger and stronger for my Lord Jesus, so His grace may shine through me to other’s that don’t know Jesus Christ and can see Him in me.”  Anthony S.

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