(Every Tues. we will be posting prayer request from inmates taking our Bible Correspondence courses)

Jon K.  – ” Please keep my fiancé, Nancy, in your prayers. She was recently diagnosed with having ovarian cancer. The specialist wants her to endure at least three rounds of chemo to shrink the tumor. She is a real blessing to me. I am scared I may lose her. Thanks for all you do. God bless. Update: Thank you for your prayers for Nancy and I. She is doing well under the current circumstances. Praise God. Thank you for continuing your work with these lessons. I’m very grateful.  Update: Thanks so very much for all of your prayers regarding my fiancé Nancy. God guided the hand of the surgeon and he believes he was able to remove all of the cancer. She may have to endure more chemo to make every precaution. God is so good. ”  www.prisonmission.org

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