Christmas Shopping

Happy Thanksgiving!!  We are thankful for each one of you and love you each in the Lord!

Can you please do us a huge favor?

While you do your Christmas shopping on black Friday online or any shopping online any time at Amazon, you can donate to PMA and it does not cost you anything!

You just have to click this link before you order from Amazon

If you click this link, we will get 4-6% of what you spend paid to PMA!!!!!!

So you can donate money to our ministry- Prison Mission- without it costing you. Just remember to use our link

You cannot bookmark it. You have to keep clicking from this link. So save this email with the link.  Please forward to anyone you know that shops at  Thanks so much for your prayers and support!

Here is our recent report showing earnings of $30.25 for pma! They pay us the advertising fees for being an Amazon Affiliate!!

amazon affiliate earnings


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