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If you have valuable seeds to plant a garden, where is best place to plant? On concrete, or hard ground, thorny ground, or nice fertile ground that has been turned over?

In different ministries, I have experienced many different spiritual harvest fields. Right now with our prison ministry, we have seen amazing results of transformed lives and huge rewards for the investment we make into lives of women and men behind bars that want to know God and turn their lives around!

People have asked me, why do I say that prisons are the most fruitful spiritual harvest field on this planet?  I would like to share 10 reasons with you over the next 10 weeks and thank you for investing prayer, money and time to help us bring Glory to God as inmates and their families come to faith in Christ.

  1. Most inmates are very discouraged.  They need to hear the Good News and Hope that only comes from God’s Word.

And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” Rom.10:15

We need to send God’s Word into the Jails and Prisons. Prisons and jails often can be dark places spiritually and depressing.  People are looking for some hope and as we offer life changing Bible Correspondence courses,  they can experience true freedom in Christ, even though they are behind bars. They can get so excited, they will share this with others. Here is example of one inmate who recently wrote us.

“I wish to thank you all for these studies! We have one hour Bible study group almost every evening on our own time. I share these studies with others here. Its a Good way to witness for Christ!  Please pray that I may become closer to Christ Jesus… ” John (Inmate)

Pray with us and our vision to see Godly leaders developed and churches planted in the prisons as we follow God’s leading. We need more prayer partners, financial support and volunteers to help us reach this goal of spreading the Good news of the Gospel of the Grace of God!

Next week we will look at reason #2.

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