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This week we will continue our new series for our weekly blog, looking at the Power and Benefits of Correspondence Courses. This is part 4 of 10.

Why Study by Correspondence?

Distance Learning is not a new idea. The Apostle Paul used it when he wrote courses in the form of circular letters. His respondents studied the “course” and communicated back to him in areas, which they did not understand. Paul then wrote another course or letter to clear up the cloudy issues. Distance Learning education is a form of teaching that contains an organized course of self-study with a two-way communication between student and instructor over a distance. It is completed by mail.

4. The Student receives personalized instruction. Through the correspondence course, it seeks a response, enabling the student to express themselves and the instructor to evaluate the student’s needs and respond in turn with appropriate counsel or instruction. There is not only the benefit of counsel from a personal tutor, but a continuing interest in their spiritual growth and welfare.

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