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This week we will start a new series for our weekly blog, looking at the Power and Benefits of Correspondence Courses. This is part 1 of 10.

Why Study by Correspondence?

*Distance Learning is not a new idea. The Apostle Paul used it when he wrote courses in the form of circular letters. His respondents studied the “course” and communicated back to him in areas, which they did not understand. Paul then wrote another course or letter to clear up the cloudy issues.

*Prison Mission Association has been helping students study the Bible by mail since 1955. Leading educators recognize study by mail as an effective method of learning. Students frequently achieve better results from home study than through classroom instruction. It has been shown that students often experience a greater degree of retention of material studied through correspondence than through other means.

There are many uses of Bible Correspondence Fellowship (BCF) by PMA.

You can use them for: follow up with new Christians, Sunday school, small groups, home schooling, youth groups, personal growth and people who cannot attend a local church but want to study. You can download the lessons from our website- www.prisonmission.org

We will be sharing  one of Ten reasons to study with PMA, with each weekly blog.

#1. The courses are Biblically sound!

They provide a tool for the systematic teaching of the Bible. We provide them at no cost for inmates anywhere across the US in both English and Spanish. They just need to write us and request a lesson. PMA, PO Box 2300, Port Orchard, WA 98366


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