Darryl T. S.

Darryl T. S. – Please put me in your prayers.  I am going through a divorce from my wife of 20 years and it is very hard on me.  I need all the help I can get to get through this.  Thank you and thank you so much for this course.

Lorrie Larson

Please pray for some men to help with our new prison ministry team from Frontline Bible Church to the men’s Kent County jail in Michigan this fall. (Lorrie heads up a women’s outreach now and they asked her to start one to go to the men’s prison. She needs at least one man from her church to join them).

Randy B.

Randy B. – Please pray that God will use me here in prison to witness to others and my family.

Jon K.

Jon K. (prayer request from before) – Please keep my fiancé, Nancy, in your prayers.  She was recently diagnosed with having ovarian cancer.  The specialist wants her to endure at least three rounds of chemo to shrink the tumor.   Thanks for all you do.  God bless.   Update: Thank you for your prayers for Nancy and I.  She is doing well under the current circumstances.  Praise God.  Thank you for continuing your work with these lessons.  I’m very grateful.

Jessie Lee K.

Jessie Lee K. – Thank you for sending me these lessons.  They are really helping my walk with the Lord.  God bless you all.  And please pray for me, that I get released from prison real soon.

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