David J.

David J. – I was recently released from prison after 14 years.  Let’s just say it has been tough getting everything figured out.  I have found a good church so that has been a blessing.  Please keep me in your prayers that my re-entry will be successful and that I find some good Christian friends to help me with this change.  I am living with my aunt because she was living alone not that far from my parents.  They all have been helping me get around until I get my driver’s license which should be within the next month.  Pray for my parole officer that he will realize that I am not going to be a problem for him.  Thank you.

Daniel V.

Daniel V. – Thank you for sending me this and taking your time to work on it.   Please pray for me.  I am seeking reconciliation with my wife Rebekah.  Thank you.

Randy B.

Randy B. – Keep Nicole (my girlfriend) in your prayers, and my mom has surgery on the 25th June.

Pastor Dwight

We are thankful for our many faithful supporters!  Right now we need 10 people who can give $50 per month, and 20 people who can give $25 per month to help us meet our budget. Please be in prayer for this urgent need for new donors.

Pastor Dwight

New Spanish Translation Project!  The Selfors have just finished translating a booklet written by Pastor Dwight, called “Do you understand God’s plan for man?” into Spanish.  It is in rough draft form. Please pray for the funds now to print it. There is a real need for good Spanish booklets for us to include with our lessons.


Pastor Ricky Jordan with Dwight and Darlene

Last Sunday, June 15, we were able to share about PMA at the Shorewood Bible Church and Pastor Richard Jordan. We were able to share with the Youth Sunday School Class and the Morning Worship Service!

Eric C.

Eric C. – Thank you for allowing me to get closer with our Lord.  Thank you for taking the time to help me.  Thank you.  God bless you.  Your friend, Eric C.

Jon K.

Jon K. – Please keep my fiancé, Nancy, in your prayers.  She was recently diagnosed with having ovarian cancer.  The specialist wants her to endure at least three rounds of chemo to shrink the tumor.  She is a real blessing to me.  I am scared I may lose her.  Thanks for all you do.  God bless.

Sharleccia M.

Sharleccia M. – I would like to that you for allowing me this chance and opportunity to study God’s Word and enlighten me on His promises as I do these studies.  I ask that you pray with me for God to open my heart and clear my mind as I begin my studies.  Thanks and God bless!

David J.

David J. – This correspondence was a lot of fun.  I really enjoy learning about our Savior Jesus Christ.  I’m really looking forward to the next one.  Thank you.


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